• Please review the itinerary receipt carefully and carry it with you for the entire duration of your trip. Should the itinerary not match your request, please inform your ETN Travel office urgently. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any claims should you react after the ticket’s deadline.
  • For any changes or cancellations of this itinerary, please contact your ETN Travel office. Outside office hours, please contact the ETN Travel 24-hour emergency service as stated in the header of your itinerary receipt.
  • The information provided in this itinerary serves as a guideline only and is subject to change as it is based upon the information given by service providers and available at the time stated in the header of this itinerary receipt. Please check the actual schedules prior to each part of your trip. All times are local times.
  • Please note that the contract is solely between you and the vendor/service provider and that ETN Travel neither assumes nor guarantees any obligation with respect to the provision of travel services. The general terms and conditions of contract of the vendor/service provider apply. All details of this itinerary are subject to changes and conditions of the vendor/service provider.


  • All fares, taxes, surcharges, and vendor/service charges are subject to change without prior notice until the ticket is issued.
  • Please note that local taxes and charges may be charged during your trip and cannot be invoiced at time of reservation and/or issuance of your ticket.
  • Currency conversions shown in this itinerary receipt are done using the bank rate applicable at the date of the ticket’s issuance. Please note that some local taxes and charges may be invoiced during your trip and cannot be shown at time of reservation.
  • Changes or cancellations are allowed until one day before ticketing date. After this date changes or cancellations may result in costs, depending on the fare conditions of your ticket. The ETN Travel service fee will not be refunded if changes or cancellations are made after this date.
  • Unless otherwise stated, changes are only possible to the date and the flight. When making changes to the original airline / routing or class, a new ticket must be purchased.
  •  Any changes to tickets can only be affected subject to availability of the fare. In case of limited availability, the fare will generally be re-calculated to a higher fare, and additional amount will be charged in addition to any possible rebooking fee. In addition, all conditions applicable to the fare sold must be complied with when effecting the change: in particular minimum / maximum stay restrictions.

Air Travel

  • It is not permitted to switch the order of your flight coupons, unless specifically stated by the airline. You should always cancel your trip before the scheduled departure time of your flight. In case of no show, the ticket becomes non-refundable, unless otherwise specified.
  • Seat reservations shown on this confirmation are subject to alteration due to operational changes made by airlines.
  • Please note that the baggage allowance and check-in times are displayed for informational purposes only. ETN Travel assumes no responsibility for its accuracy since this information is in the sole discretion of the airline.
  • Please note that when separate tickets are issued, the airline assumes no responsibility for further travel in case of flight delay.
  • In case of international travel, some airlines require that you reconfirm your return flight. We therefore suggest that you contact the airline in advance of your return flight.
  • If you are a frequent traveller on any of the listed airlines in the itinerary, your membership number should be shown.
  • Fees may be charged by airlines for services such as seat selection and baggage handling. Please note that fees are determined solely by the airline and are subject to change without previous notice.

Travel Documents

  • Name and Surname for this reservation should be identical to your passport.
  • Please note that a photo-ID is required for all trips, even within the Schengen-area.
  • Please bear in mind to be in possession of your boarding pass within effective check-in times.
  • Your international passport should have at least 6 months validity remaining for most destinations. Please check your passport before traveling.
  • All airlines are obliged by law to disclose flight and reservation data of every passenger to the US Customs service. According to US authorities the data is only used for security purposes.